سوف تكون بخير You Will Be Fine

There will come a time when you’re going to have to choose between continuing to live life as you know it or breaking from your current course to start a new path. But it won’t be like the movies where you get just one opportunity to make a life-changing choice. No – the two paths will each remain open to you for as long as you continue to hold on to both. And for a while, you may keep choosing the familiar path. The safe one. The one you know. But still, that other life – the untraveled path – will remain like an open doorway that, at any moment, you can choose to walk straight through. And one day, you’ll know – you have to let go of one. The old or the new. The known or the unknown. Who you’ve been or who you might become. Bravery isn’t always about slaying dragons and battling bad guys. Sometimes, the bravest moments in your life will be when you finally make the hard choice – when following your heart requires first being willing to break it. When you have to let go of one path to live fully in another. All you can do is give yourself grace. Take deep breaths. Trust that as long as you’re staying true to yourself, the path you choose will be the right one. And know that no matter what happens – you’re going to be okay

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